Raging Rinos

RINO, as postulated by The Commissar stands for Republicans / Independents Not Overdosed on party kool-aid.

Under the American two-party system, there are only two realistic choices, Democrat or Republican. Lately, I have supported Republicans, but my Presidential votes have been: Perot (1992), Dole (1996), Gore (2000), Bush (2004). I believe in gridlock, much as Gordon Gecko believed in greed. Gridlock is good.

My support for President Bush derives from the fact he is serious about the War on Terror. He has his faults (immigration, spending), but tends to get the big issues right.

And really, what is the alternative? The reality-based community is neither. Fundamentally unserious, the Democratic party, having shouted down sensible people like Joe Lieberman, is the party of ‘No’; its fringes aid and abet the terrorists we fight at home and abroad. Howling Howard is not my cup of tea.

The Republicans aren’t too much better. Featuring slimy folks like Frist, Lott, and Delay in top leadership positions, you have to rightly question their ethics and wisdom. Conservatives love to brag about having a ‘deep bench’ for leadership and judicial nominees; if that’s so, why keep tainted politicians in your own leadership?

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