RINO Sightings: Crime and Punishment Edition

Oh, but there is a lot of crime about, and will we see justice done now, or on November 7th?

Yes, I know Crime and Punishment has been done as a RINO Sighting, but it’s been awhile…



Like many, Jim has lost track of all the political criminals. At least we have the law to protect us- oh wait, these nitwit hoodlums are the folks that write the law.

Dan at Searchlight Crusade has learned the price of doubt.

Don Surber, is um, pissed off about clueless (or worse) South Carolina educators.

The Commissar delves into the Lancet Study and questions why more are not looking at the underlying data and methods. Great discussion in the comments as well.

Mark at Decision ‘08 also examines the Lancet study, and uses history as a guide to the Lancet’s authenticity. Hilarity ensues.

Digger notes the futility of immigration policy- if a three time convicted criminal can’t be kept from killing a young woman and injuring three others in a drunken rampage, what is it good for, anyway?

At least we’re not Britain (yet), says Bloodspite.

Where does pork come from? Legal Redux has an inkling.

Eric at Classical Values spots attempted perjury by a well-known perjurer.

The UN Human Rights Commission is predictably inconsistent about the crimes it chooses to study, says Pigilito.



Enrevanche smugly notes a trend in libertarian voting that won’t please the Republicans. Looks like a new ox will be “Gored” this November, doesn’t it?

Where else but Yemen do terrorists commute to court- and live at home while in “prison” with the assistance of the government, naturally. The Armies of Liberation is there.

Looks like the Dems will rue their decision to expel Lieberman- Ex-Donkey thinks they will be queueing up to kiss Joe’s ring on November 8th.

And the brilliant blog Politechnical has a fascinating post on a poll 9/11 truthers say supports the notion that 81% of Americans believe Bush was behind 9/11.

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    UFOs caught on video!

    OK, maybe it’s birds, instead of UFOs.

    How about this…
    (Read on …)

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    RINO Sightings

    The RINOs have been sighted, well, just about everywhere. Jim at Right Thoughts has a transcript. Great work, occifer.

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    Sad news from Queensland:

    Steve Irwin, the TV presenter known as the “Crocodile Hunter,” has died after being stung by a stingray in a marine accident off Australia’s north coast.

    Irwin’s enthusiastic approach to nature conservation and the environment won him a global following. He was known for his exuberance and use of the catch phrase “Crikey!”

    “It’s unbelievable, really,” Jack Hanna, the host of “Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventure” and director emeritus of the Columbus (Ohio) Zoo, told CNN. “You think of Steve Irwin and you think ‘indestructible.’ ”

    Hanna, a friend of Irwin’s, noted that Irwin’s persona of the Crocodile Hunter was no act. Irwin grew up around crocodiles, snakes and other animals at his parents’ Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park and had been handling such creatures since he was a child.

    “The guy lived his life this way,” said Hanna. “It was how he was raised. You knew that this guy, from the time he was 8 or 9 years old, was working with crocodiles and snakes.”

    Though stingrays can be threatening, their sting — usually prompted by self-defense — is not often fatal. The bull ray that apparently stung Irwin was “a one-in-a-million thing,” wildlife documentary maker Ben Cropp told TIME. “I have swum with many rays, and I have only had one do that to me.”

    I always envied a man who loved what he did as much as Steve Irwin did.

    We’ll miss you, Steve-O.

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    Lazy RINOs Sighted

    At The World According to Nick. Nick’s got it made in the shade.

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    RINO Sightings

    The Red, White, and Blue edition of RINO Sightins is at Technography for your reading pleasure.

    Our hair is turning white.
    Some of our necks are red.
    Our collars are still blue.

    Um, can we go with 1 out of 3?

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    Happy Birthday, America!

    230 years ago today, a group of wealthy, white farmers, lawyers, and merchants signed their own death warrants.

    Declaration of Independence

    Though it worked out OK for most of them (others were killed, had their homes destroyed, or sacrificed their entire fortunes for the cause), Ben Franklin summed up their risk when he famously said “We must all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

    Unlike those who are embarassed by the flag, the national anthem, or others’ belief in “Truth, Justice, and the American way”, I believe the highest form of patriotism is to be found in serving our nation- whether in the armed forces, emergency services, or community service.

    To our friends who are embarassed by the greatness of the United States of America: Don’t worry- in 2 years you’ll have the chance to elect a new president, and then you can love our country again.

    To everyone else, Happy Independence Day!

    Go eat some tasty animals.

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    RINOs Sighted!

    at Searchlight Crusade. Nicely done, Dan.

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    An American Has Never

    …survived captivity from Al-Qaeda or its affiliates.

    Obviously none of the passengers on 9/11 survived. Neil Roberts, a Navy SEAL briefly taken captive in Afghanistan, was murdered. Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, every single U.S. captive of Al-Qaeda has been killed by his captors. (Those who have not have been freed by U.S. and allied forces or escaped on their own.)

    Maybe putting panties on prisoners’ heads is not the moral equivalent of decapitation. Just sayin’.

    Don’t miss this great post about Pfcs Tucker and Menchaca at Flopping Aces.

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    What North Korea’s Up To

    Satellite Photos from Global Security

    The Musudan-ri facility consists of only the most essential equipment necessary to conduct missile tests. The main testing range covers approximately two square kilometers, and inside that area are a missile assembly / checkout building, missile control building and a launch pad. Outside that perimeter, to the southeast, there is also a static rocket motor test-stand.

    At 54 meters in length, the missile assembly / checkout building can comfortably house a Taep’o-dong-2 (TD-2) ballistic missile, North Korea’s most advanced missile. However, the facility lacks some important features necessary to support an intensive testing program. The imagery reveals few, if any, storage facilities or barracks, creating the impression that test materials and personnel must be imported from outside the area. Still, the lack of any significant transportation infrastructure complicates this notion. The vast majority of the roads in and around the facility are not paved, and the nearest port, at Kimchaek, could not support any intensive shipping activities. The area also lacks an accessible airport.

    Interesting stuff.

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