5,000 Dead Terrorists

CIA Chief Says 5,000 dead terrorists in 5 years of the War on Terror.

More than 5,000 terrorists have been captured or killed in the five years since the 9/ll attacks, CIA director Gen. Michael Hayden said today.

Hayden’s remarks were made in a videotape statement distributed to CIA employees around the world.

Hayden called the 9/ll attacks “an unforgettable blow” from a “plot we had not been able to prevent.”

Since then, he said, “Al-Qa’ida’s core operational leadership has been decimated, and their
successors are in hiding or on the run.”

Hopefully this is untrue. If Hayden is right, the US is way behind in the body count. 2,996 Americans killed in 9/11. Approximately 3,000 military dead in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Strategypage has a different reckoning.

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    2996- Derek James Statkevicus

    Derek James Statkevicus

    Derek James Statkevicus, age 30. 89th floor, Tower 2.

    Newsday recounts:

    The last anyone heard from Statkevicus, who worked in research for the brokerage firm Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Inc., was when he talked on the phone to his wife Tuesday morning. The conversation started when he called their Norwalk, Conn., home to tell his wife he expected to be leaving the building soon, and ended abruptly with his urgent final words: “I got to go.”

    “There’s a lot of ups and downs,” Kimberly’s father, Frank Young, said Friday. “There’s thoughts of hope and that you want him to be found. But then the reality of it all–of someone surviving from so high up– it’s tough to believe.”

    The Times has this notice:
    Derek J. Statkevicus was never a dog person. For one thing, he did not like dog hair everywhere, said his wife, Kimberley Young Statkevicus. When she finally persuaded him that she needed a pet, he decided on a basset hound because he thought it would look goofy and just sit around (she wanted something more high-energy, like a retriever).

    Then came Squirt: half basset, half yellow Lab, very cute (and house-trained to boot). “He totally fell in love with that dog,” Mrs. Statkevicus said, “even to having her on the bed!”

    Though he commuted an hour and a half each way from Norwalk, Conn., to his job as an equity analyst at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Mrs. Statkevicus said, “Derek would take her on walks, play ball with her, give her baths and stuff.”

    And a good thing, too, because Tyler, their son, was born in August 2000, a year after Squirt arrived, and another baby is due in January. (Mr. Statkevicus, 30, loved being a father.)

    These days, Squirt gets her exercise in the backyard, sometimes with Tyler, who loves to climb on her. In addition to adoring Squirt, Tyler takes after his father in other ways, Mrs. Statkevicus said: “He’s very active, very smart.”

    Derek’s friend Perry Woods remembers:
    Derek definitely was a GIANT of a man.
    Standing 6′7″ he was an ominous presence from the first time I saw him at the Varsity volleyball tryout that I was running at NYU.
    At that point the only info I had on him was that he was from Toronto (being a Canadian, I thought maybe he was confused and meant to go to the Varsity hockey tryouts) and that he had played one year of Varsity at the University of Western Ontario in London (ONTARIO THAT IS, NOT ENGLAND)

    He played with a tenacity on the court and was a practical jokester off the court. Best wishes to his family. All that I can say to his family is that he was a good guy to know and he will not be forgotten.

    Those who knew him during his time at Ithaca College recall:
    Derek Statkevicus ’93 was a serious Yankees fan and liked to travel; he and his wife and son had just returned from a vacation in North Carolina.

    He worked in financial research for Keefe, Broyette & Woods on the 89th floor of 2 World Trade Center. Minutes after the first tower was hit, he called his wife, Kim, to ask her to turn on the news to find out what was happening. He said he was going down a few floors with colleagues to watch the news on TV and await evacuation instructions. Kim never heard from him again.

    The couple’s friend Laura Olivieri ’94 says, “Derek was one of my favorite people — always upbeat and funny and positive.” An accounting major who graduated magna cum laude and received many departmental and pre professional honors at IC, Derek was “pleasantly mischievous,” says Paul Frankel ’94, who roomed with him during the 1992–93 school year. “He loved to debate — we always had a bet going on some subject. He could elevate any group dynamic. All his friends thought of Derek and Kim as social ambassadors.”

    Derek met Kimberly Young in New York City in June 1996. They were married in January 1998 and settled in Norwalk, Connecticut.

    “The two of them,” says Olivieri, “made an amazing instant transition to parenthood. Derek adored Tyler [born in August 2000] and was very into his family.” He was eagerly anticipating the son Kim is expecting in January. The couple had together picked out the name Chase, but Kim now plans to name the baby Derek Chase.

    Derek also leaves his younger brother, Joel, and his parents, Nancy and Michael.

    Derek’s wife Kim overcame her grief and suffering:

    Kim, Tyler, and Chase

    (Circa 2002) Some days are more difficult than others.

    “I’ll hear from someone at Derek’s company that they found (an employee’s) remains, and I’ll feel the angst again and wonder if I’ll find a policeman on my doorstep when I least expect it,” says Statkevicus.

    Derek’s memorial service was held last September, and his remains have not been identified. She has agreed to be notified if that happens, even though it could take up to two years.

    “Here I am starting to do better, and I wonder what kind of place I’ll be in if I hear that,” she says. “But I want to know because I would always wonder.

    Statkevicus is especially appreciative of the IWF grant, which she has used to hire a baby sitter to supplement the child care help she’s received from family and friends. And she’s grateful to everyone who’s sent a card or note.

    “I appreciate the kindness of everyone I know and don’t know,” she says. “Every card and note means a lot.”

    Some have sent gifts, and many strangers have offered to help her and the other widows. She declined an offer to “adopt” her family.

    “A lot of people do things to make themselves feel better, and that’s great,” she says.

    “I’d like for life to be normal again, not have people whisper about me,” Statkevicus says. “It’s not in a bad way and it’s nice to be acknowledged, but I don’t want my sons to live the rest of their lives known for this.”

    In September, the IWF will gather all the widows who had babies for a luncheon in New York.

    Statkevicus says she is dreading the hype of the one-year anniversary.

    “I’d like to go away somewhere,” she says. “I see September as this milestone I have to get over, even though I know it might not be better after.

    “I have a new life now — not better — but a new one.”

    Kim has applied her experience at September Smiles, an organization dedicated to helping all widows (including those from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and Hurricane Katrina) get through the first year of their bereavement.

    Kim’s strength and philanthropic instincts say a lot about Derek. Never forget.
    (Read on …)

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    9/11 Videos

    These CBS videos capture the confusion and misapprehension of the morning.

    About 3 minutes into this video, it’s clear what’s happening:

    Bryant Gumbel is strangely detached from the second crash. It sounds like at first that he can’t see the live video showing the second tower erupt into flames, but later he asks for a wider shot. Incredible.

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    September: Month of Remembrance

    I will be posting frequently on the attacks of September 11, 2001 this month, their aftermath, their perpetrator, al-Qaeda, and relationship of the attacks to the War on Terror.

    I have never censored this blog’s comments for content, but on posts in the Remembering 9/11 category, I will delete anything disrespectful or offensive. LD, you have been warned.

    2996- Honoring 911 victims

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