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First the “rebel” “insurgent” “militant” Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi gets cancelled, now the Evil Genius, Karl Rove is cleared of any wrongdoing in the Valerie Plame affair.

What next, Iraqi WMDs found? Democratic Senators indicted?

The Zarqawi beatdown didn’t boost Bush’s numbers much, but if the White House keeps getting good news, it’s bound to help.

H/T: HotAir.

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    Zarqawi’s Death- Implications

    Conventional wisdom says not to get too excited about Zarkman meeting his maker and getting a big bowl of raisins, I say nonsense.

    THIS IS A HUGE DEAL. After capturing and killing dozens of his top lieutenants over the past three years, nearly missing him on many occasions, coalition forces have finally eliminated Zarqawi- perhaps the world’s most wanted man.

    Though Mogadishu fell into the hands of the jihadis this week, this is a clear sign. The killings of Uday and Qusay were the end of the beginning of Iraq’s liberation. Capturing Saddam, holding three successful national votes, cleaning out insurgent-ridden cities like Fallujah and Tal-Afar, all the while gradually handing over control of Iraq to Iraqis, occurred in the middle.

    Now Iraq has a complete, nationally elected, constitutional government. The insurgency is not over, but with the death of Zarqawi, the future of the insurgency- both domestic and imported- is lost.

    The tide is turning. Politicians would be wise, in the words of the obnoxious Col. from Full Metal Jacket to “get with the program, jump on the team, and come in for the big win”.

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    On Behalf of the Ungrateful

    The ungrateful nations:

    To believe as such is assuredly their prerogative as Americans. But with any civil liberties come civic responsibility. True, our hard-won freedoms protect the right to march on Washington, spin elaborate webs of intrigue about the powers that be, and rudely shout down invited speakers at commencement addresses. But they also protect the right to drink Zima, name your children after fruit, and wear socks with sandals. Just because you can do it doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea.

    “There are ideas so absolutely stupid that only an intellectual could possibly believe them,” said Orwell, the ideological ancestor of the House of Blair. “The notion that you can somehow defeat violence by submitting to it is simply a flight from fact.” Indeed, a Concorde-speed flight from fact that would behoove us to impress upon the modern antiwar Left. Representative Murtha, call your office.

    Mudville considers Buck Sargent (the writer above) a Mark Steyn. But for a writer with (apparently) much less experience than the prolific and venerable Steyn, he’s not too shabby.

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    Courage and Valor

    On Memorial Day Weekend, comes word of courage- not of military men and women serving their country, but from our non-elected leaders:

    The Justice Department signaled to the White House this week that the nation’s top three law enforcement officials would resign or face firing rather than return documents seized from a Democratic congressman’s office in a bribery investigation, according to administration sources familiar with the discussions.

    The possibility of resignations by Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales; his deputy, Paul J. McNulty; and FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III was communicated to the White House by several Justice officials in tense negotiations over the fate of the materials taken from Rep. William J. Jefferson’s office, according to the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

    Justice prosecutors and FBI agents feared that the White House was ready to acquiesce to demands from House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and other lawmakers that the materials be returned to the Louisiana congressman, who is the subject of a criminal probe by the FBI.

    Where have the “Tribunes of the People”, i.e. the MSM, been on this? Where’s the Deep Throat reporting, exposing the corruption and malfeasance? Silence. Why? My bet is the corruption is so bi-partisan, the media wouldn’t be able to spin it for their side.

    If true, the media is just as corrupt. Their watchdog function is vital to a free society, and they’re falling down on the job- too concerned with their politics to serve the people.

    Great job, Messrs. Gonzales, McNulty, and Mueller. Shame on the White House and Congress. Sunlight! We need more sunlight!

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    Get a load of this

    Actual DVD at Amazon: The Assassination of JFK Jr. - By George W. Bush. Interestingly, I came across this on Bluto’s site. For shame, DPB!

    I haven’t researched it, but the idea is miraculously absurd. If asked, I would have said no lunatic leftie “Nutroots” (coined by Mark @ Decision ‘08) would have imagined such a scenario.

    Apparently, both Bushes are behind everything bad that ever happened in this country!

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    Fixing the Bush Presidency

    By the fired-for-blogging Bill Hobbs:

    George W. Bush isn’t at 29 percent because he’s lost support among moderates and liberals - he’s at 29 percent because he has been too willing to cave in to moderates and liberals.

    The recipe for restoring his popularity to above 50 percent is simple: Bush must screw the Left every chance he gets.

    It’s impossible to tell when the left is “being screwed” because they act like each and everything Bush does somehow screws them. Also, some elements of the right act betrayed at the least deviation from their doctrine.

    So how does the president chart his course? More Hobbs:

    Example: War on Terror
    The Left never really supported the war on terror - to the Left, terrorism is a criminal act rather than an act of war, and terrorists need to be “understood” and the “root causes” addressed, and by “root causes” they mean “American foreign policy,” not “Islamofacist wacko-ism.” A majority of Americans understand that Islamofacist terrorism must be defeated.
    Solution: Up the ante. More troops killing more terrorists. And get more confrontational with Iran, the root cause of most Islamic terrorism in the world today.

    This is the right idea, but wrong angle. Upping the ante in the War on Terror means President Bush is as courageous as Matt Stone and Trey Parker in combating the Islamic double-standard. Bush must be an effective, passionate advocate of the freedom and democratic ideals he supports.

    More troops in more places killing more bad guys may be a part of this, but Bush’s role as the standard-bearer for western ideals is paramount.

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    Border Outrage

    I don’t get it. **UPDATE- Phin does, though. Go read. **

    What’s so vital about rounding up illegal aliens and throwing them out of the country? Some of them may be terrorists? Yes, they may be. But the terrorists have had literally decades to smuggle themselves in already. And the 9/11 hijackers got in legally- even if they overstayed their visas.

    The president’s new policies, if a first step to addressing the problem, are worthy. Certainly paying back taxes and learning the English language go a long way to demonstrating an immigrant’s sincerity.

    What’s distressing about Bush’s speech is the reaction of groups like La Raza (literally, “The Race”). They seem cautiously optimistic about the plan. La Raza and other illegal rights groups support Aztlan, a Palestine-like country composed of much of the Southwest, which is supposed to be liberated from U.S. control.

    We are a nation of immigrants. Immigration, combined with assimilation, is perhaps the largest source of our greatness. Immigrants’ diversity of thought and experience has provided the United States with a deep pool of talent.

    But uncontrolled immigration- without assimilation- does not forge a new and better America in a melting pot. It divides us, and we weaken as a ghetto-ization replaces the sense of community we should all share as Americans.

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    The Liminal State

    Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    I’ve felt this way for months- ever since the most recent Iraqi election. Now others are talking about it.

    Where is this world headed?

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his “Mad Mullahs” want to shift the world through Tehran, to war, or the appearance of war to further their own ambitions of retrieving the 11th Imam, building a nuke, wiping out Israel, or all of the above.

    We seem to be stuck between peace and war, Republican control of the U.S. and Democrat, freedom on the march and withdrawal from the world.

    Where do we go now?

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    Today’s Vent is phenomenal. Malkin is hitting her stride.

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    Mid-Evening Meanderings

    Flopping Aces has a beyond-the-looking-glass examination of Mary McCarthy’s importance.

    Hot Air is getting hotter- great Vent today. Topical, fun, short and sweet. The talking head aspect is almost gone- great stuff, MM.

    With yet another link to Malkin (who needs publicity like I need obscurity), this fair and balanced edition of Mid-Evening Meanderings notes this meeting of Dennis the Peasant’s evil cabal.

    Phin, don’t do it, man.

    Moonbats fighting for justice? Shut up!

    AJ says the Iraq war is over. Zawahiri agrees, claiming victory for Al-Qaeda. Oh yeah, Ayman? If you’re winning, why have you and Binny and Zarkman been so busy on the airwaves insisting it? Like the kid in high school bragging about all his conquests, you boys have been doing nothing but uh, let’s not get into too much detail.

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