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Via Ace, comes word that Saddam Hussein has been forced to watch South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut!

For the uninitiated, the plot line revolves around the Iraqi dictator, who was ‘killed by a pack of wild boars’ and arrives in Hell to become Satan’s bitch. Only Saddam gets the upper, uh, hand in the relationship and spurs Satan to try to take over Earth.

Point: Lots and lots of gay sex references between Saddam and Satan, many of which (despite the film’s title) were cut to keep South Park: BLU at an R rating. Highly offensive (and funny) material, and if it’s true that Saddam has been subjected to this, it’s truly a great day for the United States of America, Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and karma in general.

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    Breaking: Adnan Hajj’s original version

    Exclusive development in the Reutergate scandal- see here, here, here, here, and here for background. I received this photo from an unimpeachable source within al-Reuters.

    Then I applied many layers of fact-checking and determined this to be a genuine representation of what is happening in Lebanon.

    Original Beirut Burning Photo

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    A War Without End

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    Sunday Video Sunday

    Language warning.

    If you like people falling down, well, this is the site for you…

    Here are a couple favorites:

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    From A Paperclip to A House

    He did it!

    Kyle MacDonald set out on July 12, 2005 with a single red paperclip and a mission. To trade the paperclip up to a house.

    Fascinating study of how value is perceived- read it all.

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    A Useless Monstrosity

    No, it’s not the NY Times.

    House for 1,000,000 planned for Japan.

    Planned may be too strong a term. Envisioned might be better. Pipe dream might be better yet. This 800 story monster, named the X-Seed 4000, would straddle Tokyo like Mt. Fuji, only bigger.

    This monstrosity would cost several hundred billion for no realistic purpose. Can you imagine waiting for your 800 story elevator, along with 15,000 of your neighbors?

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    Cool Stuff Roundup

    An interesting optical illusion

    Pyramids in Bosnia? Apparently not.

    From the ‘Well, Duh’ department, the Dept of Energy reports enough off-shore wind to power the country. It notes ‘the greatest winds are off the northeast coasts’. Kudos to Senators Kerry, Kennedy, Biden, Shumer, and Clinton for all the hot air.

    The study is of course based out of Cape Cod, where Ted Kennedy might see any windfarm, so it’s going nowhere. But a nice idea, nonetheless.

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    The Downside of YouTube

    The ease with which people can embarass themselves forever boggles the mind.

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    The Confederate Code

    Encrypted Confederate Army message finally decoded- good thing the war’s already over.

    Cryptologist Dr. Kent Boklan discovers an unknown Confederate army code, revealing an urgent dispatch.

    This is a great illustration of why sources and methods are protected. Dr. Boklan broke the code without the aid of a computer, and largely for his own entertainment, but cryptography and signals intelligence are vital aspects of our nation’s defense.

    Confederate general Edmund Kirby-Smith wrote to his superior:
    (Read on …)

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