My Favorite Pet Jawa’s Back!

Rusty’s got a great welcome-back post including, dare I say it, a Jawa Report mission statement. Check it out!

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    A Useless Monstrosity

    No, it’s not the NY Times.

    House for 1,000,000 planned for Japan.

    Planned may be too strong a term. Envisioned might be better. Pipe dream might be better yet. This 800 story monster, named the X-Seed 4000, would straddle Tokyo like Mt. Fuji, only bigger.

    This monstrosity would cost several hundred billion for no realistic purpose. Can you imagine waiting for your 800 story elevator, along with 15,000 of your neighbors?

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    RINOs Sighted!

    at Searchlight Crusade. Nicely done, Dan.

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    NY Times Wants Fascist State

    Not 12 hours after the breakup of the Miami terror cell plotting against the Sears Tower, the New York Times is unconscionably acting to induce fascism. No, not the Bush = Hitler mantra, but real, true fascism. For that is what it will take to truly stop these misguided treacherous bastards from undermining the security of the United States. Not that the Times deserves all the credit- the LA Times and the leaker(s) in question bear equal responsibility.

    The American people do not want “sources and methods” information in their newspapers.

    By failing to use discretion in disclosing classified material, the Times and its associates do more to undermine the freedom of the press than KKKarl Rove could ever achieve.

    The American people are fed up with this and want it stopped. The more this continues, the less they’ll care about how silencing the leakers is accomplished- JDAM, secret gulag, whatever.

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    WMDs found in Iraq

    Weapons of Mass Destruction. Mass Delusion. Mass Distraction. Here’s a bit of coverage at Hot Air, including Hannity & Colmes video.

    First of all, my spidey sense is tingling- from both angles. Santorum clearly has a lot to gain from this. He’s trailing in PA and his role in getting this story out is a little too self-involved and potentially self-serving for complete comfort. And why is the administration so mum on this? Are they pouting? Why the above-the-fray posture?

    Then you have the hysterical, frantic, desperate attempts to debunk the story. Hit and Run’s playing the ‘Who’s Afraid of a little 12 year old WMD?‘ tune. It’s ’small beer’ to them that 500 artillery shells were found, full of mustard gas and/or sarin.

    Think Progress is outraged, noting correctly that WMD in Iraq had never been found in large quantities, as shown by the Kay and Duelfer reports. And until Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi was recently blow’d up, he was alive. TP’s problem is probably that big, internationally-backed “survey groups” were again unable to find WMDs that ordinary US soldiers and Iraqis discovered.

    Confederate Yankee notes the great blackout of 2006.

    That’s the smoking gun on this issue. If Santorum and Hoekstra were barking up the wrong tree, it would be the top story on CNN.

    What do you think?

    CNN homepage

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    An American Has Never

    …survived captivity from Al-Qaeda or its affiliates.

    Obviously none of the passengers on 9/11 survived. Neil Roberts, a Navy SEAL briefly taken captive in Afghanistan, was murdered. Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, every single U.S. captive of Al-Qaeda has been killed by his captors. (Those who have not have been freed by U.S. and allied forces or escaped on their own.)

    Maybe putting panties on prisoners’ heads is not the moral equivalent of decapitation. Just sayin’.

    Don’t miss this great post about Pfcs Tucker and Menchaca at Flopping Aces.

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    Spying Out Nukes

    Gamma Ray Telescope could bust Iran and North Korea:

    The Major Atmospheric Gamma-ray Imaging Cherenkov (MAGIC) telescope in La Palma, Spain, detects flashes of light produced when gamma rays hit the upper atmosphere. Now a group led by Daniel Ferenc at the University of California, Davis, has developed detectors based on light-sensitive semiconducting materials. When photons hit the semiconductors, they emit electrons, which can be measured.

    From Advanced Nano:

    As has been pointed out in the previous article, if the US can search for and find nuclear bombs and material from a distance (like 9000 meters) and the detector can go in a plane. This capability would let them target and destroy the nuclear weapons and weapons program of Iran and North Korea.

    Totally cool.

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    What North Korea’s Up To

    Satellite Photos from Global Security

    The Musudan-ri facility consists of only the most essential equipment necessary to conduct missile tests. The main testing range covers approximately two square kilometers, and inside that area are a missile assembly / checkout building, missile control building and a launch pad. Outside that perimeter, to the southeast, there is also a static rocket motor test-stand.

    At 54 meters in length, the missile assembly / checkout building can comfortably house a Taep’o-dong-2 (TD-2) ballistic missile, North Korea’s most advanced missile. However, the facility lacks some important features necessary to support an intensive testing program. The imagery reveals few, if any, storage facilities or barracks, creating the impression that test materials and personnel must be imported from outside the area. Still, the lack of any significant transportation infrastructure complicates this notion. The vast majority of the roads in and around the facility are not paved, and the nearest port, at Kimchaek, could not support any intensive shipping activities. The area also lacks an accessible airport.

    Interesting stuff.

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    The Worst Part

    It’s bad enough that the two missing soldiers are dead, but if it can get worse, it probably will.

    Reports indicate signs of torture and state the soldiers were killed in barbaric fashion- perhaps a code word for beheaded- and when that happens, some moronic jihadi’s sure to be there with a camcorder.

    Perhaps the entire cell has been wiped out in the ensuing search actions, but if not, we’re all in for another disgusting spectacle, courtesy of Michael Moore’s minutemen.

    Update: Belmont Club was on the same wavelength:

    If the past is any guide, this group’s preference would have been to parade them on television and make political demands for an American withdrawal, or else they would have killed at the scene of the first clash. That the terrorists had to forgo their customary media carnival can only mean they found it too dangerous to go further, like a predator who must drop his victim because the beaters were right behind them.

    Let’s hope there’s no video. That either Pfcs. Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker resisted with enough force that they had to be killed almost right away or, failing that, the search teams were too close behind for a jihadi infomercial.

    Update: Hope failed.

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    Burn it!

    Burn the studio, the piano, the mike, and the dress- aiigh- my eyes, my ears!

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