Who Needs the UAE?

We do. But then, we should have known that, per Papa Green:

The UAE’s small move is a warning shot across our bow. In the worst-case scenerio, OPEC could move to the euro. The result? A dollar worth perhaps half of what it is today, along with an inflationary surge like we haven’t seen since Jimmy Carter was President. The Oil States would suffer, too, but not nearly as much as we would.

Which: A) Would explain why we’re still so nice to Saudi Arabia; and B) means we’re going to have to play even nicer for a while. Once again, Congress has passed the Law of Unintended Consequences with a veto-proof majority.

I get some flack for being a staunch defender of the president when “true” conservatives are outraged (Harriet Miers, DP World). But Bush frequently gets the nuance that the self-proclaimed intellects miss. To the right, we are the most powerful nation in the world, but triumphal cons often forget that economic strength is always an interdependent force. To the left, Bush is always wrong, but in their criticism of the DPW deal (and Michael Steele’s Md. Senate candidacy) the Dems are pandering to the worst sort of anti-liberal hate and bigotry.

With the Dubai Ports World deal, the president made a political miscalculation- he underestimated ignorance of his opponents, while doing little to promote his own values and vision of our shared economic relationship with the Arab world.

More, of course, at Strata-Sphere.

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    Comment by Crazy Politico

    March 14, 2006 @ 9:42 pm

    Unfortunately ignorance has ruled the day on this issue, and it’s very sad.

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