RINO Sightings 34

Hello and welcome to RINO Sightings 34, where the Republicans / Independents Not Overdosed on party kool-aid gather to shoot the, er, stuff. If one were to sum up the beliefs of the Raging Rinos, it would be independent minded. Wait, that’s two words. If you were to sum up the RINOs in two words, it would be unorthodox independent mind-set with a

The Colonel

You’ve done it before, mate!

Alright, alright. These introductions are hard to write because the quality of submissions is so high. So I’ll shut up now, and let the RINOs roar for themselves.

First, politics:

Digger’s got a great post about Citibank offering below-market mortgages to illegals. I had meant to link this myself with lots of pithy observations, but my browser crashed. He observes:

… describe an illegal alien who had a friend — who was legal — buy a home for her and transfer her the title. The bank found out she was an illegal alien because a lien was placed on it for $12,000 for two years of unpaid back property taxes . The bank demanded payment in full. The illegal alien admitted she didn’t pay the taxes and she was frantic and scared. Citibank and ACORN rode to the rescue and saved this poor soul by issuing her a mortgage. And what were the terms of this loan for an illegal alien?

She received a 30-year fixed mortgage at 5 percent interest, 1 percentage point lower than the standard rate. It costs $780 a month. Estela’s home was appraised at $565,000.

Simply outrageous! No legal American would get a loan like that.

Sadly, no. I wonder if the 14th amendment applies to mortgages- I’d like a deal like that nowadays.

Eric at Classical Values trumpets the Patriot Act’s reauthorization and Diane Feinstein’s role in protecting America from Sudafed.

Gary at the Ex-Donkey blog has more on the Cheney retirement rumor. Was he right about the Oscars? Scott has more Oscar predictions. Don is fed up with Brokeback parodies. I had no idea there were so many. I still think they’re funny, but I’ve only seen about half the ones Don lists. Back-to-back they won’t be funny, space ‘em out, folks.

Barry breaks out the crocodile tears for America’s dumbest Congressman.

ATypicalJoe thinks Christianity’s handling of divorce presages an acceptance of homosexuality. We can only hope it’s better than that. Divorce is generally a bad thing, after all.

Hey, W. Bostonian Exile quits. Big screw up on your part. See if you can’t amend your ways. That’d be great.

Fun stuff

Blondes going extinct? The Commissar’s got an in-depth look.

If only Pam Anderson cared as much about edumucaysion as she did about chickens.

“Over there” stuff:

On becoming what you hate, Dean writes:

Meanwhile, on the subject of Civil War in Iraq: There are those who say that America will have failed if Iraq dissolves into civil war. Nonsense. A lot of us thought it might erupt into civil war even before we went in. This would not be a “loss” so far as I’m concerned, it would merely be unfortunate. And the fault for that result would not be America’s, it would be the fault of the sectarian Iraqis who started that civil war.

Yet I remain quite sanguine: there will be no true civil war in Iraq. The only way there can be a real, honest civil war is if America pulls up stakes and bugs out, and Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia start vying for supremacy in the vacuum.

It surely is interesting seeing folks like William F. Buckley join the liberal throng pronouncing America’s failure in Iraq. It’s almost like their beliefs are threatened, or something.

Bloodspite (who has the coolest domain name I’ve seen in a while, technography.com) brings us the story of a SEAL who had his son taken away from him because of his honorable military service in the War on Terror. Yikes.

Who can make Salt interesting? Jane.

Dan signs the Islam defiance manifesto and has a “hell of” a way of expressing himself in so doing. Also of interest- fixing a bad mortgage sale. (I was almost there once.)

Dubai double-standard. Only Democrats can get away with bashing both racial profiling and the Dubai Ports World deal. Mog notes relevant precedent to the ports deal, observing that the brouhaha about the ports might give the wrong people ideas.

Larry Bernard identifies China’s economic weakpoints.

Mark at Decision ‘08 notes Hamas’ proposal for progress isn’t exactly that.

That’s it, folks. So long, and thanks for all the RINOs. Submitted to Ubercarnival.

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    Comment by Jane

    March 6, 2006 @ 6:47 am

    Who is that photo, Prince William? Anyways dude, Uber-job. Thanks very much.


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