Jordanian Plot Foiled


Jordanian intelligence foiled an al Qaeda plot to mount a suicide attack against a key civilian target, state television said on Wednesday.

“The intelligence department has foiled a terrorist plot of a group belonging to the al Qaeda network, of Iraqi, Libyan and Saudi nationals, to execute by a suicide bombing an operation targeting a critical civilian installation,” state television said.

Three Iraqis and a Saudi militant known as Turki Nasser Abdullah, 25, were part of the plot and were believed to be in hiding in an undisclosed neighboring country, state television said.

A security source told Reuters they had leads to indicate the four fugitives were in a secret hideaway in Syria.

Amman shares Washington’s view that Syria has become a conduit for anti-U.S. fighters heading to Iraq. But unlike Washington, Amman says there is no proof the Damascus government condoned such activities.

Hmm. Maybe Amman is wising up to Damascus’ intentions now.

Liberation Tour
2001- 2002 Afghanistan
2003- Iraq
2004- Ukraine
2005- Lebanon
2006- ? Syria ? Iran ?

Who’s next?

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    Comment by Raymond B

    March 3, 2006 @ 10:23 pm

    I am so tired of terrorism here, and terrorism there. Is this how the resto of our lives will be? If so, hoooray for globalism.
    Raymond B

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