Yes! Jill Carroll Freed!


Kidnapped U.S. reporter Jill Carroll has been released after nearly three months in captivity, Iraq police and the leader of the Islamic Party said Thursday. She was reported in good condition.

Carroll, a freelance reporter for The Christian Science Monitor, was kidnapped on Jan. 7, in Baghdad’s western Adil neighborhood while going to interview Sunni Arab politician Adnan al-Dulaimi. Her translator was killed in the attack about 300 yards from al-Dulaimi’s office. “She was released this morning, she’s talked to her father and she’s fine,” said David Cook, Washington bureau chief of The Christian Science Monitor.

Police Lt. Col. Falah al-Mohammedawi said was handed over to the Iraqi Islamic Party office in Amiriya, western Baghdad, by an unknown group. She was later turned over to the Americans and was believed to be in the heavily fortified Green Zone, he said.

Her captors, calling themselves the Revenge Brigades, had demanded the release of all women detainees in Iraq by Feb. 26 and said Carroll would be killed if that didn’t happen. The date came and went with no word about her welfare.

Excellent news.

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    UNSC Agrees on Iran


    Who knows what they’ll actually agree to?

    The five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council agreed on a statement Wednesday demanding that Iran suspend uranium enrichment, setting the stage for the first action by the powerful body over fears that Tehran wants a nuclear weapon.

    The 15 members of the council planned to meet later Wednesday to approve the statement, the text of which was not immediately disclosed. Uranium enrichment is a process that can lead to a nuclear weapon.

    Diplomats said the statement, which is not legally binding will ask International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei to report back in 30 days on Iran’s compliance with the demands.

    Ahmedinijad is quaking. All this buildup, and it’s business as usual do-nothingism.

    “We are very close today to taking the first major step in the Security Council to deal with Iran’s nearly 20-year-old clandestine nuclear weapons program,” U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said. “It sends an unmistakable message to Iran that its efforts to deny the obvious fact of what it’s doing are not going to be sufficient.”

    Even from Ambassador Stache, of “hands on hips” fame, is weak. Efforts to deny facts are not going to be sufficient? Hold on there, Pilgrim. Them’s fighting words.

    Let’s be clear. I do not savor war or military action with Iran. But this diplo-psycho-babble is not going to avert it. Just as with Iraq, it will allow the Mullahs to believe their trickeration is working and that they have time to develop their nukes. Who knows, maybe they do.

    What’s needed is to end Iranian and Syrian influence in Iraq- through Sadr, imported fighters, and shaped charges. This action at the U.N. does nothing to limit their true nuclear efforts or to end their interference in Iraq. Unimpressive, Stache-man.

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    More “Unintentional” Plagiarism From Ben Domenech

    Speak up, Ben. Explain how your college editor is behind THIS too. Scumbag.

    What a gigantic asshole. Let’s stop putting lipstick on this pig. This guy is an utter pinhead with absolutely no conscience.

    After reading all those NRO snippets, I have to ask: can anyone produce a piece Ben actually wrote all by his little self?

    This irks me because it relates to a pet peeve of mine: people who have no talent and nothing to say, and who don’t like to write, yet who somehow insist on thinking of themselves as writers. Domenech obviously qualifies.

    Writers are particularly vulnerable to thieves like Domenech, because all you have to do to pass yourself off as the writer of a piece of work is to cut and paste. You can’t do that in other areas of art. You can’t run around telling people you’re Brad Pitt, or that the guy credited with Baryshnikov’s dancing is actually you. You can’t sing in Frank Sinatra’s voice or tell people a Sinatra recording is something you made in your basement.

    If you can’t f___ing write, why would you pretend to be a writer? Why would you choose this profession? Do people who hate cooking become chefs? Do people who hate lying become politicians?

    Jesus. It’s incomprehensible to me.

    Either you have something inside you that wants to come out onto the printed page, or you don’t, and if you don’t, GO HOME AND SHUT THE F___ UP. Writing is for WRITERS, not idiots who are too goddamn stupid to write something as simple as a movie review.

    How can anyone be that untalented? How is it possible to be so terrified by the prospect of reviewing a movie that you would steal another person’s piddlety-shit, 500-word review? What a LOSER.

    Domenech is like the fat drunks who run out onto NFL fields and get their asses crushed by angry professionals. He doesn’t have what it takes, and he has no right to be here. Go home, loser. Do something God equipped you to do, instead of stealing from the able. Find a job where lying and stealing are assets. Sell cars. Become a mechanic. Be a building contractor.

    I’m sorry, but it really makes me mad that a punk like this would smell up the more-honorable side of American politics and make bloggers look even dumber than Pajamas Media and Wonkette did. People are handling him with kid gloves because he’s their buddy. Well, he’s not my buddy and I don’t know him, so screw him.

    Stolen from Steve. Ironic, no?
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    Explaining two weeks of radio silence- flu. A houseful of it. Ok, that’s one week, but this past week has been rather blah. Belarus revolts, then doesn’t, then gets squashed. Afghanistan wants to execute a man for converting to Christianity, then releases him for ‘lack of evidence’.

    Domestically, it’s no better. Demoncrats and Rethuglicans continue ripping one another to shreds; McCain and Feingold take it to Iraq (as if those people need any more violence!). Documents giving credence to Saddam-al Qaeda links continue to surface.

    To me, the road ahead for the nation and the world goes through Iraq. If the Constitutionally-elected Parliament can be brought into session and laws can be made that represent the will of the Iraqi people, it’s all over for Tehran and Damascus and their influence in Iraq.

    If the Parliament is further delayed for months, then, Iraq will slip the other way.

    I have a feeling Osama Bin Laden will be caught or killed (or the news of such event) very soon.

    What’s your feeling, loyal reader?

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    Al-Qaeda “Tet” in Iraq Foiled

    Via The Jawa Report and TraderRob, this Yahoo story details the Green Zone plot:

    Interior Minister Bayan Jabr, in an exclusive interview with The Associated Press, said the al-Qaida recruits were one bureaucrat’s signature away from acceptance into an Iraqi army battalion whose job it is to control the gates and main squares in the Green Zone. The plot was discovered three weeks ago.

    The 421 were supposed to be in control of the entrances to the Green Zone and internal squares. I mean they were going to be in charge of security in the Green Zone in the future,” Jabr told the AP. “They were going to carry out operations. Most of them are wanted terrorists” using false identification.

    Wonder why this isn’t front page news?

    While it’s more than a little un-nerving that the plot got as far as it did, it was halted, and thanks to the Iraqis themselves.

    Update: Was the plot the first in this promised two-phase attack:

    A March 10 posting on al-Hesbah website, known for posting al Qaeda messages, carried a message from the Global Islamic Media Front. The message gives a final warning to the United States before carrying out what it said would be two devastating attacks. The second attack would not be launched until after Washington had time to respond to the first one, the message said.

    If Al-Qaeda is capable, they will surely try the “second attack” anyway…

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    Who Needs the UAE?

    We do. But then, we should have known that, per Papa Green:

    The UAE’s small move is a warning shot across our bow. In the worst-case scenerio, OPEC could move to the euro. The result? A dollar worth perhaps half of what it is today, along with an inflationary surge like we haven’t seen since Jimmy Carter was President. The Oil States would suffer, too, but not nearly as much as we would.

    Which: A) Would explain why we’re still so nice to Saudi Arabia; and B) means we’re going to have to play even nicer for a while. Once again, Congress has passed the Law of Unintended Consequences with a veto-proof majority.

    I get some flack for being a staunch defender of the president when “true” conservatives are outraged (Harriet Miers, DP World). But Bush frequently gets the nuance that the self-proclaimed intellects miss. To the right, we are the most powerful nation in the world, but triumphal cons often forget that economic strength is always an interdependent force. To the left, Bush is always wrong, but in their criticism of the DPW deal (and Michael Steele’s Md. Senate candidacy) the Dems are pandering to the worst sort of anti-liberal hate and bigotry.

    With the Dubai Ports World deal, the president made a political miscalculation- he underestimated ignorance of his opponents, while doing little to promote his own values and vision of our shared economic relationship with the Arab world.

    More, of course, at Strata-Sphere.

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    Dubai Ports World Postmortem

    The President spoke very passionately today about his concern for the fallout of the rejection of the DPW ports deal:

    “I’m concerned about a broader message this issue could send to our friends and allies around the world, particularly in the Middle East,” Bush said in remarks to the National Newspaper Association. “In order to win the War on Terror, we have got to strengthen our relationships and friendships with moderate, Arab countries in the Midddle East. UAE is a committed ally in the War on terror, they are a key partner for our military in a critical region.”


    So while the xenophobia I see is many times not based on bigotry, it can be based on being fed up trying to work with the world when all the world does is whine about America’s success.
    While this frustrates me, I see no point in stooping down to the level of nationalism and jingoism in response. The response to the DPW issue was still wrong. But there is a case to be made that the world fed this animosity over the years of America bashing. There was no reason to use DPW ethnic and religous make up to find potential risks - none. Just like we don’t like it when America is smeared with the worst of our people, we should not return the favor as payback.

    I still don’t understand where this came from. A sudden, multi-directional media offensive derailed this deal- mainly by asserting inaccuracies and often baldfaced lies. Whose interests were served by forcing Dubai Ports World to sell their US port management contracts? Organized labor?

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    Enduring Hatred

    The Holocaust History Project was the apparent target of arson:

    In the early hours of March 6, 2006, a fire broke out at a warehouse complex near San Antonio International Airport, causing extensive damage to the offices of The Holocaust History Project (THHP), an organization that has been, for the last ten years, in the forefront of confronting Holocaust denial online, in addition to providing educational materials to students throughout the world. Arson investigators now have confirmed that the fire was intentionally set and are continuing their investigation.

    Publishing cartoons critical of Islam is big news, but attempting to burn down THHP gets no major media coverage. I’d ask why, but I think the answer is obvious.

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    Iran’s Conservatives

    According to MSNBC, Iran’s ruling mullahs are “conservatives”:

    MSNBC graphic

    Meanwhile, the United States and its European allies said Wednesday that Iran’s intransigence over its nuclear program has left the world no choice but to ask for the Security Council to take action against the Islamic regime.

    “The time has now come for the Security Council to act,” Gregory Schulte, the U.S. delegate to the International Atomic Energy Agency, told the group’s 35-nation board as it began discussions on Iran’s nuclear ambitions. “Iran has still not come clean.”

    Schulte listed Iran’s decision to curtail IAEA inspections, its expanding uranium enrichment program and worrying conclusions by IAEA inspectors that suggest at least past interest in nuclear arms as contributing to “mounting international concerns” about Tehran’s nuclear intentions.

    “Conservatives” rule Iran. The “conservative” Bush administration is threatening Iran with sanctions. Why? They want to free Iran of the “conservative” mullahs.

    Unlike the horseshoe theory, where the extreme left and extreme right meet in the totalitarian bottom, MSNBC is espousing a pretzel theory of political ideology, where anyone who they disagree with is “conservative”.

    Or is MSNBC simply afraid to call the Iranian mullahs what they really are: Islamofascist, terror-supporting, nuclear-extorting enemies of freedom and liberty?

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    RINO Sightings 34

    Hello and welcome to RINO Sightings 34, where the Republicans / Independents Not Overdosed on party kool-aid gather to shoot the, er, stuff. If one were to sum up the beliefs of the Raging Rinos, it would be independent minded. Wait, that’s two words. If you were to sum up the RINOs in two words, it would be unorthodox independent mind-set with a

    The Colonel

    You’ve done it before, mate!

    Alright, alright. These introductions are hard to write because the quality of submissions is so high. So I’ll shut up now, and let the RINOs roar for themselves.

    First, politics:

    Digger’s got a great post about Citibank offering below-market mortgages to illegals. I had meant to link this myself with lots of pithy observations, but my browser crashed. He observes:

    … describe an illegal alien who had a friend — who was legal — buy a home for her and transfer her the title. The bank found out she was an illegal alien because a lien was placed on it for $12,000 for two years of unpaid back property taxes . The bank demanded payment in full. The illegal alien admitted she didn’t pay the taxes and she was frantic and scared. Citibank and ACORN rode to the rescue and saved this poor soul by issuing her a mortgage. And what were the terms of this loan for an illegal alien?

    She received a 30-year fixed mortgage at 5 percent interest, 1 percentage point lower than the standard rate. It costs $780 a month. Estela’s home was appraised at $565,000.

    Simply outrageous! No legal American would get a loan like that.

    Sadly, no. I wonder if the 14th amendment applies to mortgages- I’d like a deal like that nowadays.

    Eric at Classical Values trumpets the Patriot Act’s reauthorization and Diane Feinstein’s role in protecting America from Sudafed.

    Gary at the Ex-Donkey blog has more on the Cheney retirement rumor. Was he right about the Oscars? Scott has more Oscar predictions. Don is fed up with Brokeback parodies. I had no idea there were so many. I still think they’re funny, but I’ve only seen about half the ones Don lists. Back-to-back they won’t be funny, space ‘em out, folks.

    Barry breaks out the crocodile tears for America’s dumbest Congressman.

    ATypicalJoe thinks Christianity’s handling of divorce presages an acceptance of homosexuality. We can only hope it’s better than that. Divorce is generally a bad thing, after all.

    Hey, W. Bostonian Exile quits. Big screw up on your part. See if you can’t amend your ways. That’d be great.

    Fun stuff

    Blondes going extinct? The Commissar’s got an in-depth look.

    If only Pam Anderson cared as much about edumucaysion as she did about chickens.

    “Over there” stuff:

    On becoming what you hate, Dean writes:

    Meanwhile, on the subject of Civil War in Iraq: There are those who say that America will have failed if Iraq dissolves into civil war. Nonsense. A lot of us thought it might erupt into civil war even before we went in. This would not be a “loss” so far as I’m concerned, it would merely be unfortunate. And the fault for that result would not be America’s, it would be the fault of the sectarian Iraqis who started that civil war.

    Yet I remain quite sanguine: there will be no true civil war in Iraq. The only way there can be a real, honest civil war is if America pulls up stakes and bugs out, and Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia start vying for supremacy in the vacuum.

    It surely is interesting seeing folks like William F. Buckley join the liberal throng pronouncing America’s failure in Iraq. It’s almost like their beliefs are threatened, or something.

    Bloodspite (who has the coolest domain name I’ve seen in a while, brings us the story of a SEAL who had his son taken away from him because of his honorable military service in the War on Terror. Yikes.

    Who can make Salt interesting? Jane.

    Dan signs the Islam defiance manifesto and has a “hell of” a way of expressing himself in so doing. Also of interest- fixing a bad mortgage sale. (I was almost there once.)

    Dubai double-standard. Only Democrats can get away with bashing both racial profiling and the Dubai Ports World deal. Mog notes relevant precedent to the ports deal, observing that the brouhaha about the ports might give the wrong people ideas.

    Larry Bernard identifies China’s economic weakpoints.

    Mark at Decision ‘08 notes Hamas’ proposal for progress isn’t exactly that.

    That’s it, folks. So long, and thanks for all the RINOs. Submitted to Ubercarnival.

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