Iran referred to UN Security Council

Going… to the Security Council, and we’re…gonna get sanctions…

Hans Blix, err, Mohamed ElBaradei has referred Iran to the UN Security Council for non-compliance:

ElBaradei said the resolution would create a “window of opportunity” by giving Iran 30 days to consider proposals that would prove its nuclear intentions are peaceful, as the Islamic state insists.

The IAEA has asked Iran to return to its full suspension of “enrichment-related activities until the agency has come to a conclusion on the scope of the program,” ElBaradei said.

Wow, that’s pretty confrontational. Mr. ElBaradei, what happens when the window closes? Has anyone seen John Bolton lately? I wonder if his ’stache is remote-controlling ElBaradei.

In the Bullpen has the complete IAEA resolution, as well as a disturbing example of Iran’s suppression of women. It’s Iran-fest at ITB- keep on scrolling.

California Yankee has a full roundup, noting:

I am very pleased to see that this has finally gotten to the U.N. Security Council, but I fear we will eventually regret agreeing to Egypt’s demand that the resolution include support for the creation of a nuclear weapons-free zone in the Middle East. linking the issues of Iran’s atomic ambitions and Israel’s nuclear weapons status will make preventing Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons even more difficult.

OntheBorderLine notes: “We are one step closer to turning parts of Iran to rubble.” That’s optimistic, in my opinion. For the first time since the mid-80s, I am seriously concerned about parts of the world turning into radiating, glowing, rubble- Iran, Israel, Europe, the United States.

Still, it’s not yet time to panic:

Hands on Hips
Referring to UNSC
Glare Piercingly
Express Serious Concern
Raise Issues
Actively Ignoring
Totally Clueless

We still have three more stages in the UN process, but I hear John Bolton’s hands are warming up.

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