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    The Iranian Worm Turns

    Flee, it’s the UN!:

    The five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council reached a surprising agreement Tuesday that Iran should be hauled before the powerful body over its disputed nuclear program.

    China and Russia, longtime allies and trading partners of Iran, signed up to a statement that calls on the U.N. nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, to transfer the Iran dossier to the Security Council, which could impose sanctions.

    Though the United States, Britain and France have been pressing to hand Iran’s case to the Security Council, it had been unclear whether China and Russia would support such a move.

    The foreign ministers from the five nations said, however, that the Security Council should wait until March to take up the Iran case, after a formal report from the IAEA on Tehran’s activities.

    Iran reacted immediately, said there was no legal basis for hauling them up before the world body.

    Iran reacted immediately- almost as if they expected this.

    Still, the mullahs are bound to be considering the purchase of underarm deodorant- the temperature is under debate for upturning by the solons of the Security Council.

    Set Iran’s UN status to: Hands on Hips ?

    Previously here, and here:

    The UN is 6-9 months from taking action- and here’s the best part: the UN won’t ever take any action against Iran. With a populace driven to despair and addiction, the mullahs are in the driver’s seat. The world will not unite against them- certainly not under the leadership of Chimpy McBushlerburton and his Oil Empire cronies- they just need to kick back and let their nuke scientists complete their work.

    The situation doesn’t look good, and while I still don’t see the mullahs as insane, this could be the next stage of Iran’s nuclear chicken gambit.

    Much more at Strata-Sphere.

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    RINO Sightings

    The Radical Centrist hosts this week’s Raging RINO roundup. Don’t miss this contrary RINO post by aTypicalJoe on Bible study in public schools. Oh, and Respectful Insolence has a ridiculous photo that hits the trifecta- hippie girl, exposed skin, and vapid political point of view.

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    First Phin-iversary!

    Happy Phiniversary to Phin, who’s been blogging for one year yesterday. (Oops)

    Check him out soon, because with posts like this, he probably won’t be blogging much longer…

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    War with Hamas?

    Captain Ed thinks so:

    The first item on our list should be an absolute end to all aid to the Palestinian territories and government. The US should not subsidize Hamas, nor should it give money to a people whose only aim appears to be genocide. Second, the US should allow Israel to respond militarily to any and all provocations — no more pressure from Washington on Tel Aviv to moderate their responses to suicide bombings and missile attacks. And if Hamas and the Palestinians still want to wage war after that, then let the IDF roll across the West Bank and Gaza Strip and push the whole lot of them right into the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea. That’s what total war means, and as soon as the world stops preventing the Palestinians from the risks of their own choices, the sooner they will conclude that war is the worst possible choice for them.

    Hamas is popular in part because it has a successful social welfare division that many think performed better than the Palestinian Authority.

    It will be interesting to see if the responsibilities of governing moderate Hamas or if the corruption in the Palestinian system will make Hamas’ social arm less effective.

    Either way, should Hamas ramp up violence, US funding should be withdrawn entirely.

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    Ahmadinejad- Crazy?

    I have previously argued that Iran’s leaders are rational:

    The mullahs have been pushed to the brink by “events”. Free countries to the east and west of them are bound to leave their citizens less than pleased by their rulers.

    Other than cracking down even further, which by this point has reached the stage of diminishing returns, what’s left? Bash Israel, and even better, stand up to the West at the same time.

    (More discussion in the comments with DANEgerous.)

    Now, via the Jawa Report comes this report:

    “’This guy is not a politician,’ the source quoted the official as saying. ‘He is certifiably insane.’”

    Now this is incredibly thin. We have a MichNews report citing Newsmax (no link) saying that their source says an Iranian source has told media members this.

    I’m not buying the “irrational Iran” story- yet. What’s very clear is that those holding the strings in Iran WANT us to think they are crazy and liable to go off upside our heads at the slightest provocation.

    This is just like the chicken kid in grade school who went around threatening people so he wouldn’t get punked. He never got into fights because he knew he’d lose, yet the bully would always seem unhinged and ready to go.

    More evidence of insanity, please.

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    Legislation Passed; Mines Now Safe

    Whew. Now that West Virginia’s legislature has acted, we can all go back to our lives and not worry about mines- after all, there’s a law about it!

    The measure proposed by Gov. Joe Manchin would require miners to wear wireless devices so they can be found more quickly.

    It also requires the state to establish a 24-hour emergency hot line for mine operators to call when an accident happens in an effort to speed up and better coordinate the emergency response. If a call to the number isn’t made within 15 minutes of an accident, the mine operator could be hit with a $100,000 fine.

    In addition, the bill says all mines should be equipped with extra oxygen supply tanks at various approved points underground to give miners a better chance of surviving emergencies.

    Also Monday, at the first congressional hearing on mine safety since the two incidents, Sen. Robert Byrd said the 14 deaths “were entirely preventable.”

    “We owe the families of these deceased men a hard look at what happened and why,” the West Virginia Democrat said.

    “We must determine what is wrong at [Mine Safety and Health Administration] and contemplate how to make sure the leadership of that agency does its job,” Byrd said, according to a written account on his Web site.

    I’m all for technological improvements to what is still a nasty job, and if the companies themselves weren’t going to implement such safety systems as competitive advantage, they opened themselves up for this.

    Where’s Senator Byrd been the last century? Coal mining safety is important to his state- but probably not to his mine buddy contributors. All the same, I suspect the reason Byrd hasn’t previously greased the mines with pork is there are few interstate highways or VA hospitals hundreds of feet down. Hmm, maybe the good senator could kill two Byrds with one stone- require a federal hospital at the bottom of every mine in the state- think of the possibilities then!

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    RINO Sightings

    Phin is hosting this week’s Raging RINO roundup. Go now!

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    Blogger Bags Terrorist

    Pass the cigars and tequila Rusty’s way.

    Rusty Shackleford, of the Jawa Report, announced today (for his second blogiversary) his role in putting a would-be terrorist in jail.

    On March 12th of 2005 (later updated on March 14th) I wrote a post about a series of messages on the jihadi forum alm2sda.net about how to make various weapons of mass destruction, such as chemical weapons, by a poster calling himself ahmed_assalafil. I had first heard about Ahmed’s messages from a website that I frequent which monitors jihad forums, Internet Haganah. Included in Ahmed’s messages was the claim that the poster had information on how to make a nuclear bomb, along with some rudimentary (and erroneous) instructions on Hydrogen bomb construction. He was seeking help translating the allegedly secret materials into Arabic.

    Yes, my headline is sexed up a bit, as Rusty’s post explains, but way to go, Jawas! Read the whole thing.

    Every blogger blogs in part to persuade, and fight the battle of ideas. A tiny bit of my time is spent following the War on Terror, but Dr. Shackleford has devoted himself tirelessly to the cause. Congratulations.

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    I Wanna See You Suffer

    Men like seeing bad people in pain:

    Bill Clinton said he felt others’ pain. But a new brain-scanning study suggests that when guys see a cheater get a mild electric shock, they don’t feel his pain much at all. In fact, they rather enjoy it.

    In contrast, women’s brains showed they do empathize with the cheater’s pain and don’t get a kick out it.

    It’s not clear whether this difference in schadenfreude — enjoyment of another’s misfortune — results from basic biology or sex roles learned during life, researchers say. But it could help explain why men have historically taken charge of punishing criminals and others who violate societal rules, said researcher Dr. Klaas Stephan.

    So what’s the problem here? As long as the transgressor receives proportional punishment, who cares? Isn’t this the definition of justice? Do the crime, pay the time.

    People- men and women- enjoy seeing rule-breakers get their comeuppance.

    Dr. Stephan’s study suggests that women don’t feel that pain is an acceptable punishment for a relatively minor infraction (cheating in a game.) It’s also confounded because men are typically more sports- and games-oriented than women. Thus, it could be expected that men would accept a higher punishment for evildoers than women.


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