Tookie Williams & The Death Penalty

DC Thornton sheds no crocodile tears for Willliams:

I have absolutely no sympathy for Stanley “Tookie” Williams as he prepares to die this evening. I feel no joy tonight as his death will do little to take away my painful memories of childhood and youth. Also, Williams’ well-deserved demise will neither bring back my childhood friend, nor erase my cousin’s physical pain which he must live with for the rest of his life.

Read it all. One thing missing from most media coverage is the effect the Crips have had on Los Angeles and the nation. Personal accounts like DC’s make it all too clear that street gangs exact a high toll on our society.

As I’ve written about the Robin Lovitt case- where he was granted clemency:

I don’t know enough about the case to be sure, but it seems to me when the leading eyewitness is only 80% sure, and a court clerk destroys relevant evidence (although the importance of the evidence is in doubt), if it were me in the Governor’s Mansion, I’d probably do the same. Instead of dying, Robin Lovitt is now in prison for life. Virginia has no parole. To me, 80% surety isn’t enough to kill a man, especially given that evidence could come forward at any time to exonerate him.

I lack absolute faith in the death penalty. A very high standard must be met, in my opinion, for it to be carried out. In the Lovitt case, with evidence destroyed and an 80% eyewitness, that standard is not met and I applauded Mark Warner for doing the right thing.

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