Able Danger: Not Quite Dead

Wow. Spectactular post at Armies of Liberation:

Saleh knew in advance about the Cole. He obstructed the investigation and enabled the escape of the bombers who were later were complicit in 9/11. Theres several links between the Cole bombers and 9/11. The ones that are arrested “escape” and two wind up as suicide bombers in Iraq. But lots of dead terrorists are actually alive in Yemen. Currently Saleh’s enabling terrorists go to Iraq to kill our troops and Iraqi civilians. And the baffling part, this is our good ally in the WOT. Whats the deal here? Really, some one tell me what Cheney said to our boy Ali at the airport in 2002. What is Bush going to say to him in the White House in two weeks? Im not spooked anymore. Screw it.

Read her entire post, and the rest of the blog, too, for that matter. If Able Danger is actually able to step out of the grave and tell us what it knows, we will be much safer. The powers that be that are holding AD back are not acting in the interests of terror prevention or justice. Keep the pressure on and keep getting the word out, and we just might have a chance to learn why 9/11 happened.

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    Comment by Jane

    October 24, 2005 @ 9:49 am

    Thanks very much. The more I dig, the dirtier it gets.

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