RINO Sightings

Larry Bernard has a trick or treat RINO sightings.

Lots of treats- very nicely presented!

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  • RINO Sightings
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    Alito to the Supreme Court

    According to CNN, President Bush’s choice to succeed Harriet Miers (who?) as Supreme Court justice nominee will be Judge Samuel Alito.

    Analysis here, here, here, here, here, and here.

    My take? The “Scalito” moniker is a good thing, but I remain unconvinced that Judge Alito was the best person for the job.Outlaw Justice is the top search result for Alito at Amazon, and that can’t be a good sign, can it? Does Willie Nelson’s role in that film have anything to do with Judge Alito’s views on marijuana and tax evasion?

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    Weekend Adventures

    Very nice interview over at Basil’s of aTypicalJoe, one of the better Raging RINO bloggers out there.

    Having solved all their problems in their own country, Iraq is sending troops to Pakistan. This is either really stupid or a really good sign. I’m going with stupid for now.

    Just another example of how easy we have it today: Comets Hit Early Americans. If the MSM were around then, the headline would be ‘Comets Strike People, Poor, Minorities Hit Hardest’.

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    Plame Game Fallout

    Fitzgerald’s indictment WILL chill dissent- from White House or other administration sources. Media stories will be difficult to source and confirm. And frankly, it’s not as if the MSM was waiting for confirmation before blasting DoD the day before the election for a supposedly missing ammo dump. CBS certainly did not wait for a full response before airing Rathergate (they did check and got a ‘we have no idea what this is’ response).

    Imagine this scenario: (Read on …)

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    Bush Administration Fatally Weakened

    With Scooter Libby indicted on five charges relating to false statements, obstruction of justice, and perjury, the power behind the power behind the President has been silenced.


    Not Scooter Libby! I’m crying now. When I voted for Bush, Libby’s presence in the administration was key to my vote. I had been 99% for John Kerry until I learned that Libby would be staying over in a second Bush administration. Well, that’s enough for me.

    Now he could go to jail for 25 years! Why, oh, why, oh, why wasn’t Judith Miller stronger? She could’ve run the clock out and saved our Scooter from such a jail term.

    This is the worst day in the history of the Republic.

    Update: For a non-sarcastic look at Scooter’s fall, check out the Llamabutchers. I agree, though I think someone, somewhere, sometime, needs to decide whether the public’s right to know depends on who benefits from covering up or not.

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    Fox Throughout History

    Heh. Shamelessly lifted from Barry.

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    Moving On from Miers

    Miers withdraws:

    President Bush on Thursday accepted the withdrawal of Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, according to a statement from the White House.

    In her letter to the president, Miers said she was “concerned that the confirmation process presents a burden for the White House and its staff and it is not in the best interest of the country.”

    Whatever Miers’ shortcomings as a Supreme Court nominee, it is clear that she is an accomplished attorney and has served the public honorably. The character she exhibits now in withdrawal does her credit as well as her selector, President Bush.

    Now it’s time for conservatives to move on and come together and plan to support Bush’s next pick (absent a similar selection) for the Supreme Court.

    More discussion: Don Surber, Decision ‘08, Strata-Sphere, and of course, Michelle Malkin

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    The Honest AP in Action

    FoxNews has this AP wire story:

    A federal grand jury has indicted former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman and three others in a “widespread racketeering conspiracy” that included bribery and extortion, prosecutors announced Wednesday.

    The prosecutors said Siegelman and former Chief of Staff Paul Hamrick violated racketeering laws during his term from 1999 to 2003.

    The indictment alleges among other charges that then-HealthSouth chief Richard Scrushy made disguised payments totaling $500,000 to Siegelman to get appointed to a key state hospital regulatory board.

    Mmm, juicy. The powerful cavorting with evil health care companies! Can anyone guess which party is honored with former Gov. Siegelman (who happens to be running for Alabama governor again)’s membership? The article tells you, but in the 9th and final graf.

    Let’s take a different AP story and see if we find any discrepancies:

    Indicted Rep. Tom DeLay’s attorneys are trying to compel testimony by prosecutors on their contacts with grand jurors, sending subpoenas to the Texas district attorney who normally issues them.

    DeLay’s defense team reversed the normal direction of subpoenas in their strategy to have the charges dismissed before trial. The lawyers contend that the Travis County district attorney, Ronnie Earle, acted improperly with two grand juries that filed charges and one that refused to do so.

    DeLay, R-Texas, was obligated to temporarily step aside as House majority leader when charged with conspiracy and money laundering in a state campaign finance investigation led by Earle. DeLay has denied any wrongdoing.

    This article prominently (3rd paragraph) notes DeLay’s affiliation, while neglecting DA Ronnie Earle’s. While I don’t have much sympathy for DeLay (next to none), it’s clear the AP has different standards for each party, much like it did for the famous “looting” and “finding” in Katrina’s wake.

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    Breaking- Fitzgerald Expected To

    In the Valerie Plame / Scooter Libby / Karl Rove / Joe Wilson / Tim Russert / Dick Cheney / MoveOn.Org vs. Chimpy McHitlerburton war of the leaks, federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has announced… (Read on …)

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    Iraq’s Constitution Approved


    Iraq’s election commission declared Tuesday that final results from the Oct. 15 referendum show the new constitution was ratified by a huge margin, paving the way for elections. Sunni Arab leaders raised doubts that it would be embraced by those at the heart of the insurgency.

    Nearly 79 percent of the 9.8 million voters nationwide supported the charter, the Independent Election Commission announced after a 10-day audit following allegations of fraud. Election official Farid Ayar said the audit turned up no significant fraud, despite allegations by Sunnis opposed to the charter.

    Despite the strong “yes” vote nationwide, Sunni Arabs came close to scuttling the constitution because of a provision in the law stating that if two-thirds of the voters in any three of the 18 provinces rejected the charter it would be defeated.

    Approval of the constitution, followed by elections Dec. 15, would enable the administration to maintain it had achieved its goal of bringing constitutional, democratic government to Iraq after decades of Saddam’s despotic rule.

    “It’s a landmark day in the history of Iraq,” White House spokesman Scott McClellan said. “We congratulate the Iraqi people. … The political process is continuing to move forward in Iraq, and it is an encouraging sign to see more and more people participating in the process.”

    Carina Perelli, the U.N. elections chief, praised a “very good job” with the audit of results by election officials and said “Iraq should be proud of the commission.” Both the European Union and NATO also welcomed ratification.

    The strong negative vote by Sunni Arabs, however, raised questions whether the charter would succeed in luring Sunnis away from the insurgency. Many Sunni Arabs fear the constitution will create virtually autonomous and oil-rich mini-states of Kurds in the north and Shiites in the south, leaving Sunnis isolated in poor central and western regions with a weak central government in Baghdad.

    Poor AP. Forced to admit that Saddam’s rule was “”despotic”" (extra scare quotes to show how dubious that term is, of course), admitting the administration would “achieve its goal” of a Constitutional Iraqi democracy after the December elections, they’re left with a statement about “strong negative” and hints of a fractured society.

    Then they try to dredge up some scary quotes- this is the best they can do:

    Saleh al-Mutlaq, a Sunni Arab member of the committee that drafted the constitution, called the referendum “a farce” and accused the Shiite and Kurdish-dominated government of stealing ballot boxes to reduce the percentage of “no” votes in several provinces.

    “The people were shocked to find out that their vote is worthless because of the major fraud that takes place in Iraq,” he said on Al-Arabiya television.

    Much will depend on whether Sunni Arabs vote in large numbers in the Dec. 15 elections. A Sunni boycott of the Jan. 30 balloting enabled Shiites and Kurds to dominate parliament and take the lead role in drafting the constitution.

    Adnan al-Dulaimi, a spokesman for a largely Sunni coalition of politicians and tribal leaders, said the audit took so long it left many Sunnis suspicious of possible fraud and manipulation. He said his group “will work to educate Iraqis and get them to participate in the December election.”

    Saleh al-Mutlaq sounds like Jesse Jackson. Annoying, but not exactly a terrorist. And Adnan al-Dulaimi’s already prepped for his revenge- educating Iraqi voters. Ooh, scary!

    AP’s article was 100% good news, regardless of how they apparently view it.

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