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This week’s hurricane is simply too horrible for words. A friend of mine at work still hasn’t gotten in touch with his father in Biloxi. A list of charities has sprung up at Instapundit. It’s not “Our Asian Tsunami”- I hope, at least. It’s bad enough.

Site re-design coming…

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    RINO Sightings

    Big Cat Chronicles has this week’s RINO Sightings. Lots of posts on the WoT, Intelligent Design, Sheehanism, politics, and more. Click!

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    Able Danger Points to Iran?

    Captain Ed has a number of posts on this very topic. Don’t miss this other Captain’s Q post, either. The Captain has a lot of data here, let me try to sum it up for you (as always, read the whole thing if you have the time).

    According to Kenneth Timmerman’s Countdown to Crisis, an Iranian intelligence agent named Zakeri just walks into an embassy and gives up the 9/11 plot:

    On July 26, 2001, an Iranian intelligence agent walked into the American embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan, and asked to see the CIA chief. He finally talks to two CIA functionaries: “Joan”, who assesses his story and decides it needs further review, and “George”, a CIA case handler who laughs Zakeri out of the embassy. The story?

    There’s going to be a big attack on America on the twentieth of Shahrivar, Zakeri insisted. That’s the date my boss told us to be ready. Six people who have been trained as pilots have just left Iran.

    The other post deals with some interesting connections between a Iraq state newspaper, Al-Nasiriyah’s, editorial from before 9/11, basically stating that a Bedouin (wonder who that might be?) wanted to destroy the White House and Pentagon and make people rue the name of Frank Sinatra (famous for New York, New York). Who brought this editorial to the attention of the U.S. Senate? Fritz Hollings, on Sept 12, 2002.

    TruthLaidBear’s Able Danger tracker has more, as does QT Monster here, and even Time is getting in on the act.

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    The President is a Grotesque Baboon!

    So says Mr. Snitch, anyway:

    Accused of changing the rationale for ‘his’ war, and hounded for mismanaging it. Derided as an uninspiring public speaker. Belittled as an idiot. Blamed for dividing the nation. Charged with incompetence in his administration. Accused of trampling on the Constitution. Engaged in censorship and manipulation of the press. Mockingly compared with lower primates. Pressured for a key Cabinet Advisor’s resignation. Of course, we’re referring to Lincoln.

    Read the whole thing. Found via ProteinWisdom.

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    You’ve Just Gotta Read This…

    Michael Yon, the best journalist in all of Iraq, takes you into an alleyway gunfight in Mosul. This is one journalist who should be proud of the name. He is nearly single-handedly showing everyone how it should be done. Read, already!

    Update: READ THIS, too. Apparently a Yemeni journalist is being beaten and threatened with beheading by… wait for it… THE YEMENI GOVERNMENT. Armies of Liberation has a link to a Yemeni Times article, and while this may not be 100% true, more light needs to be focused on the tribulations of Jamal Amer…

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    Iraq’s Constitution

    Highlights of the Iraqi draft constitution from the Corner:

    The republic of Iraq is an independent sovereign state with a system of government that is republican, parliamentary, democratic and federal.

    Islam is the official religion of the state, and it is a main source for legislation. No law can be passed that contradicts the fixed principles of Islam’s rulings. No law can be passed that contradicts the principles of democracy. No law can be passed that contradicts basic rights and freedoms mentioned in this constitution.

    This constitution guarantees the Islamic identity of the majority of the Iraqi people, as well as complete religious rights for all individuals to freedom of beliefs and religious practice.

    Iraq is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country and it is part of the Islamic world, and the Arab people in it are part of the Arab nation.

    The Arabic language and Kurdish language are the two official languages of Iraq, and the right of Iraqis to educate their children in mother tongues such as Turkmen and Syriac in government teaching establishments … or any other language in private institutions is guaranteed.

    Federal institutions and bodies in the Kurdistan region will use the two languages.

    The law has sovereignty, the people are the source of authorities and their legitimacy, and they practise this via direct secret ballot and their constitutional institutions.

    Rotation of power is practiced peacefully via the democratic institutions outlined in this constitution.

    All bodies or practices are forbidden which use racism, terrorism, denouncing people as non-Muslim, sectarian cleansing or which incite, prepare, praise, promote or justify them, in particular the Saddamist Baath party in Iraq under any name, which cannot be part of political pluralism in Iraq, and this will be organised by law.

    The state will combat terrorism in all its forms and act to protect its borders from being used for terrorist activity.

    Iraqi armed forces and security forces will be made up of all components of the Iraqi people without discrimation or marginalisation…

    Military militias cannot be formed outside the framework of the armed forces.

    It is not allowed to detain or hold someone for questioning without a court order. All forms of physical or bodily torture or inhuman treatment are banned…

    Parliament will sit for four years … elections for a new parliament will be held 45 days before the end of the current session.

    Oil and gas are the property of all the Iraqi people in all regions and provinces.

    A legislative Federal Assembly comprising representatives of regions and provinces for viewing draft laws concerned with regions and provinces. Law will organise its formation.

    Homerun. Grand Slam. Splendid. If this is approved by the Parliament and affirmed via the referendum, the Iraqi people will have won their freedom and set an example for the Middle East.

    To seal the deal, Iraq must develop a culture respectful of their Constitution and treat it with the reverence it deserves.

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    Iraq, Conservatism, & Popularity

    Professor Bainbridge has a couple of recent posts lamenting President Bush’s ineffectiveness at pushing the conservative agenda. As always with the good prof, they are well-written, fair, and thoughtful.

    Reasonable people can disagree about the value of the Bush administration’s domestic agenda- I think it has been positive in most cases, though spending is too high (when is it not?) and Bush has done nothing to secure the southern border. I see a lot of benefit in NCLB, tax cuts, and the SS reform plan.

    But what’s distressing about Bainbridge’s posts is that even a faithful supporter of the Bush Doctrine has lost sight of the #1 issue facing the nation. (Read on …)

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    RINO Sightings

    The World According to Nick has the latest RINO roundup. Nick has cornered some excellent posts, so click over and check ‘em out. Great job, Nick!

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    Soldier’s Angels

    Read this. Then donate here. It’s not optional- it’s mandatory. Do it now.

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    Carnival of the Losers!

    This is hysterical. Will Franklin, over at Willisms, hosted Carnival of the Vanities this week. You’re laughing already, aren’t you? Well, Will caused a massive uproar by rating the submissions from 0 (One of the most awful posts I have ever read), to 10 (One of the best posts I have ever read). Predictably, folks went batty. Personally, I agree with Will. Linking a blog post is an endorsement. I don’t get a lot of links because most of the stuff I write is just dashed off ramblings from the top of my head.

    But then, I don’t do this to conquer the world. I write to amuse myself and hopefully entertain and inform others. I try to post for my two or three regular readers, but no one in their right mind will say to themselves, ‘Gee, I wonder what’s going on in the world- better check Politechnical’. (At least not yet!)

    Back to the topic (see what a quality post this is!). I don’t submit a lot of stuff to the RINO Carnivals (or any other, for that matter), because I have my pride. If I’m going to get 100 click-ins in a day, I’ve gotta be sure it’s a quality post. Otherwise, you (the reader) will click and run, and come away with a bad impression of my blog.

    All the How To Blog posts talk about submitting to the Carnivals, but they don’t stress HOW to write a quality post. (If they did, you wouldn’t be reading this dreck, would you?)

    So be courteous when you enter those Carnivals. The host has to write something about your submission, and it’s a lot more work to make up some fake endorsement ‘It’s a rather stunning kind of crap, really’ than to give their honest opinion.

    Here’s to honesty!

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