Now That’s Screedy!

Lileks’s Screedblog is back with a vengeance:

And at one point the reader might assume that if something really bad had happened, we might have read about it by now. I know a little bit about modern journalism, and we tend to emphasis the splintery plunger up the butt over the mocking puppet show. In any case, this detail makes you almost want to weep in frustration; domestic politicians are posturing for the camera, huffing about then horrors of Gitmo, insisting that the rest of the world won?t forgive us until we close the joint down and pave it. Over what? A Punch and Judy show? If we gang-mimed the guy and had 17 men in striped shirts with white makeup pantomime falling out of a burning skyscraper, would the critics demand we not only let the guy go but pay him a per diem for his troubles? I?ve read the story twice, and I keep wondering if I missed the part where the suspected 20th hijacker spits teeth into a chamberpot rimming with own bloody urine while massaging the welts the jumper cables left on his groinal division. I mean, I take all that for granted, because our soldiers are all killbot brutes - except for the lower-class ones who got drafted against their will and can only hope Bruce Springsteen sings a monotonal account of their disaffection.

Yes, James, you might be forgiven for drawing the conclusion that the worst of the Time article seems to be having the alleged 20th hijacker stand for hours on end (anyone ever worked retail?), have a bottle of water poured on his head, and be awakened by Christina Aguilera music.

You might be, but you aren’t forgiven. Sorry, James, those things are ‘tantamount to torture’ in much the same way as a cricket is ‘tantamount to a velociraptor’. The enduring talent of George W. Bush to goad his critics into forsaking all their rational moorings is equal to or greater than that of his predecessor, who knew a thing or two about driving the other side wacko.

Read the whole thing.

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