Commies Are Cool, m’kay?

Lileks (James) has another great bleat about the creeping “cool” of Communism into pop culture. In a previous post, he’d ripped the Minnesota Public Library for its use of Mao Tse-Dong in an ad promoting a new Minneapolis library. Read the whole thing.

I’ve never understood the Che Guevara thing. It still baffles me that while Hitler is rightly considered abominable (except for Pat Buchanan), wackos still try to rehabilitate Mao and Stalin. Dean’s perspective on Mao- must read.

Why does the Minnesota Public Library find Mao attractive? Yes, yes, he killed a lot of people (only 40 million!), but he was a librarian at heart! And besides, the US had J. Edgar Hoover, so we have no room to moralize!

I can’t believe the people of Minnesota pay for this appalling nonsense.

Added to Outside the Beltway’s Traffic Jam.

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